mundane tasks

Have you ever noticed how something you once enjoyed can quickly become boring if you end up “having” to do them.

Mining for an orca? Great idea at first (with 1 or 2 hulks)

running missions to increase your standings? Again… the standings slow down the higher you get

Running incursions to buy a plex? After 150 mill vanguards get tiresome!

Yeah, I need to buy another plex in about 5 days, but currently I’ve slipped well back on my isk making plan. I previously said I needed to make 60 mill a day to buy 2 plexes, but after the weekends activity (friday I hit 250 mill) and more so lack of activity i.e. less incursions I just havent been able to get back in action. Having only 1 highsec incursion puts an added strain on the fleets which is strangely an opposite effect.

With only 1 inc in high all the pilots travel to the available area and suddenly there are more pilots than available fleets which can mess up people trying to join fleets. Then you get the opposite problem of people getting fed up of NOT getting into a fleet and going off to do other things… either on or off Eve and you don’t get enough of the right ships to balance the fleets. One of the major problems I have encountered is not having enough basilisks to balance cap (although I did run in a fleet with a bs solving that).

So how do we resolve this problem? Well ccp could make sure there is more than 1 incursion available at any one time. Maybe when the mom dies another region could spawn an inc.

The other option woud be to make the incursions bigger. More affected sectors would result in more sites and more fleet room. People would also be close by when 1 fleet broke up and another formed, instead of having to travel 20 odd jumps. Hell Eden is huge, either plan would work.

The strange thing is, when an incursion spawned in my home sector when I was in the mining phase I got annoyed. I needed to mine so we went elsewhere. It still bugged me to be pushed out of my home, but now I want moar!!!!

Training wise… I am down to under a week to a scimitar (which would help with the cap problem since I am logi 5). After that… Well, I’m not 100% decided!
My alt is still doing the leadership skills, but in about 6 days will give maximum boosts to the mining fleet from her orca! After that she will be working on wing command 5 before starting fleet command. If I get the chance to have her as fleet booster in an incursion people will be getting a nice boost since all her specialist leadership skills are at 4 currently. I don’t know if wing 5 will change any bonuses, but its worth ticking off, as I don’t have a clue what else to get her learning! She can fly all T1 Amarr ships (sub cap) and 90% of the T2 ships as well, but with her being a “support” character getting all her leadership skills to 5 seems prudant for the time being.

Don’t fly straight!!


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