A matter of life and health

There must be more skills I can learn to improve my Basilisk incursion fit. I’ve done shield transfer to V, energy emission to V and also have logistics V but still my cap is rubbish if I run everything. My ship caps out like a noob logi pilot and things start shutting down when only receiving 1 cap transfer. If I pulse the shields so I only have 3 online I’m just about solid. I wonder if improved rig skills would help? Maybe level 5ing would reduce some more drawbacks and improve other problem areas. I’m highly resistant to fitting booster implants to help with running a ship as if you are in the wrong clone you could be in serious danger! A T2 powergrid rig and a small implant may help free up a low slot so I can put in a cap improving mod. I can see another session on EveHQ may be in order tonight!

Well I finally unlocked the T2 minmater cruisers over the last couple of days. I’ve only got Amarr cruiser 5 to mean I can fly nearly any T2 cruiser.
The only cruiser I havent got round to unlocking is the Heavy Interdictor (HIC), but since I don’t currently have the need for that class, it seems a bit pointless even training for it. Besides, my second flys one very successfully!
I’ve contemplated unlocking all the frigs but I tend to shy away from there as I prefer to go in with the heavy weights!

Currently I’m learning medium lasers to V, before I work on large lasers 3,4+5 (IIRC) before I think about which way to go with specialization! My current plan is to get in a nightmare with T2 guns but since it is currently a pipe dream I’m still earning the isk to buy it (might get a bpc and build it). I could get a machariel but then I would need to do as much work on the projectiles as lasers, so its a catch 22 situation! The only difference in my mind is the fact I always wanted a nightmare so that is the deciding factor for me. I need to find another way of helping in incursion fleets other than just being an amazing logi pilot 😀

But I’ve still got 9 days left on medium laser V before I change my mind and go back to projectiles lol

My second is still training wing command V, so she has 24 days before I can get a few fleet command skills completed on her, before she goes back on the specialist gang skills. I’m still planning on maxing out he leadership skills so she will be an awesome command ship pilot for whatever happons in the future!

Don’t flt straight!


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