open heart surgery

ok, thats the end of the world for me. My poor PC has finally given up the ghost. It had been giving me notice – rebooting itself at the most inconvienient moment. Its one of the reason I resist doing incursions a lot of times. Last night was the final straw… I got invited to fleet and *Reboot*… Aaaaaaargh!!!!

So when I came back on I downloaded Sisoft’s Sandra software with the idea of seeing if I could find out what the problem was. I attempted to run it once it was installed, and, *reboot*. Every time I tried to run it or Eve – same result.
I formatted my HD and did a fresh install, but alas Eve wouldnt even install!

So I’m looking at a new mobo, chip and everything else needed (looks like I will need DDR3 memory as well as mine is DDR2).
I’m also thinking about a new PSU as well, as I am intending to eventually go to a Sli setup and my current psu doesnt support pci-e power.
I think its one of my AMD cpu’s over heating, but they are only hitting 63 degs so I’m not sure.
If anyone has any ideas what the issue could be I would like to hear, as I dont want to have to build a “stop-gap” (cheapest I can afford until I can get the one I want). There is a difference of about £150 between what I’d like and the one I’ll end up with…


Well, I bought some Silver Thermal Compound (a little more expensive that the other stuff but I figured somethings aren’t worth skimping on)

I got home, did some more installing (yay got Eve to finally install) whilst I ate my dinner and by the time I had finished 4 hours had passed and NO unrequested reboots… *facepalm*. So I haven’t messed with the CPU as it appears to work ok (for now). I’m running a long stress test on the cpu so if that comes back ok I’ll leave it be. I’m wondering if the reboots could have been hard-drive related as it appears to have calmed down since I reformatted the drive.

The rebuild is still planned, I just have more time to buy from other shops and not HAVE to buy locally. The other thing that is going through my mind is to build a completely seperate pc.. new case… new everything rather than a rebuild. It may work out more expensive, but the one I am on ATM was a “make do” pc… cheap case, AMD mobo and chip, given g-card, recycled HD and 1x 2gig memory DDR2 chip. At least if I do a second pc I’ll have this one to play on while I get the new one working right!


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