TLC required

Well, my pc is still a little buggy, but if I’m carefull with it I can at least risk playing!
I should be able to start purchasing my rebuild this week, I’m going with a new mobo and chip that are a little better than my current setup, but will afford me the option to go to the latest cpu next year.

I’ve been running more incursions recently, although I’ve ventured away from logistics. I’m flying my new navy scorpion setup. the idea with swapping to DPS means if my pc decides to reboot mid site (it does from time to time) I won’t be leaving the logi wing short handed. The sudden dc of a shiney dps ship is annoying, but not likely to cause any major problems.

I attempted to buy a graphics card from e-bay, but despite getting 2 cards from the vender – neither of them work!
I’m wondering if dropping to a single screen setup might help? I don’t really know what is causing my computers instability as I’ve even tried reseating the cpu fan. I’ve also added another 2gb of memory, but because I currently run 32bit windows I can only access 3GB of the available memory :s

I did wonder if having too many fans inside (1 on cpu, 1 extracter unit on the back, 1 side window fan and 2 fans in the front bringing air in) might cause PSU problems. This build cost keeps going up!

Back to Eve…
Training wise I’m working on getting my caldari bs skill up to level 5 so I can fly a Golem, but also trying to slot in missile skills for extra damage!
My alt has hit Fleet command 2 and is working on getting the advanced leadership skills to 5.
I managed to convince the wife to take part in an incursion in a basilisk, although she is trying to get logi 5 ticked off. She did 1 night of incursions last week, but then the weekend landed and they are always bad for getting into fleet.

Hopefully my next post won’t be too long!!

Don’t fly straight


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