poorly poorly, sick sick

Well my pc is still acting up… crashing when it wants and at the most unopertune moment. I’ve not taken part in an incursion for a while as my last attempt got on my nerves a little. I’ve swapped to sniper incase of dc/reboot since a logi without a stable connection is dangerous for the fleet. I took part in a HQ fleet and lost connection twice.. the second time right at the end of the room. I didnt bother logging back in. Finances seem to always be too tight for me to complete my build with birthdays and suck… especially christmas just on the doorstep. I’ve bought motherboard, memory (2x 4GB DDR3), a copy of vista ultimate 64bit (I’m currently running XP 32bit) and a 1Gb g-card which I am currently using as it seems to have made my pc a little more (moar?) stable. I just need the CPU and maybe a new hard drive (I’m wondering if the hd could be causing the crashes).
The other thing that is keeping me out of eve is all the extra hours I’m working atm.

Anyway… in Eve… I’ve reverted to mining, as its a way I can play without having to worry over the crashing too much. I’ve just put an orca onto build since I sold my spare… I was discusing the costs involved with building one and realized with a bit of mining I could build one for a lot less than the market. The person I was talking to couldn’t get the figures to add up, and according to my sources I can understand why. The cost of the minerals is actually more than the value of the ship (flooded market) but when you add on the cost of production, rares and the cost of buying bpc’s they really aren’t feasable. Unless you discount the minable minerals… which is where I come in. When we formed this corp we decided not to mine to sell minerals… we were doing it to build something. We wanted to put something on the market and ships was the direction we went in as that is the simplest route. When we had a ship price list up we always had a rake of orders… I think we were supplying some of the CVA guys and then NC with thier pvp ships. I know we were undercutting the market quite significantly which always kept our order book full. For example… At the time a tier 3 bs would cost over 100 mill but we were selling them for around 80 mill. We could have done them lower but we were making quite a tidy sum and people were happy. We were even getting the isk togeather and buying BPO’s for some nice ships.

But the building became too much. We were having to mine every moment we had. And we were becoming burned out. There was only 2 of us in the operation running 3 accounts. So when we went to a 0.0 corp we closed the build books. We still get requests which I occasionally fulfill, but not as often as people would like!!! Now my wife has left Eve I am down a  miner so ore collection has slowed right down.  I’m considering taking her char on as well, since she has good mining skills; actually thats unfair… she has good all round skills, but since I dont pve multibox (YET) I would only use the mining skills anyway.


I’ve finally reached large pulse laser specialization IV (in training, but not sure what to hit next… Maybe getting projectile skills up so its not a long run to get T2 proj…

My alt is learning leadership skills so she will have all the leadership skills at 5… although I am leaving fleet command 5 till last since its around 39 days.

Have you seen the announcement about the December patch… Hybrid guns getting some lovin! Being Gallente that is right up my street!!


Don’t fly straight!!


5 Responses to “poorly poorly, sick sick”

  1. Hi Maniac,
    Why on earth did you get Vista!? It’s total crap compared to “7”

    From what I have seen, it would appear that nearly ALL T2 ships cost more to build than to buy. How the hell are we to make profits with that situation?

    Jae and I are setting up an Indy corp at the moment, but recruiting is a bit slow at the moment. We have all the gear, just need the people.

    See you in the belts, Fly safe. o/


    • To be honest it was a multifold decision…
      1) I needed 64bit and its better than the XP I’ve stuck to for years
      2) I have it on my laptop and like it
      3) Still not sure on 7 as I still hear grumblings about it
      4) It was a lot cheaper than windows 7… Once the build is completed I could always get a copy of 7.

    • On the T2 front… I believe (and I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong) from my research T2 ships are only worth building if you can produce (some if not all) the components yourself.
      I researched building the hulk years ago and found if you could produce 2 parts you could knock around 100 mill off the build price. But it appears as though all ships are worth more as parts than a built item – which is crazy.

      As for the corp – I wondered why Jae approached me about cheap trite 😀 Recruitment is always slow for indy corps.. but its better to get a few good players that stick around then loads of useless ones that only stay a short while!!!

  2. So if we put up a POS somewhere and produce the components, it should be worthwhile? That is worth looking at, thanks for the tip.

    Heheh, yeah we are short of miners at the moment, so he is looking at other ways to get the ore, 🙂

    • Its not quite that simple – unfortunately… theres specific moons you need and they tend to exist in 0.0

      I did try looking at buying the ingrediants to make the parts to make the bits (simple reaction – complex reaction – complex reaction) but got totally confusicated over the maths… I will try again soon!!!
      I think the best bet would be to have a moon in 0.3 space and moon mine something else you can then do reactions on to sell. At least you can then be maiking isk on the side.
      I will speak to you online about selling you some ore whilst you build up your corp if you like… whilst I am stuck mining!

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