A matter of isk

Well, I’ve temporerily diversifyed into a new task. A couple of my ex-corpies have set up thier own industrial corp and are trying to recruit miners. Now, I know from experiance getting commited players is like finding rocking horse excriment. You’ll get loads that will join, take what they can and leave… some will play occasionally but not really commit to the corp properly and occasionally you will find someone who will want to put the effort in.

My corp currently has 1 commited member that will not mine… at all. But he runs incursions a lot which makes the corp isk… and I’m happy with the trade off. It means the corp is self sufficient even before we sell any ships… or anything else.

As I was saying, my friends new corp needs minerals to build ships to sell… so I’ve offered them a deal. If they don’t like the idea thats fine, but the other person I’ve offered the deal to has jumped at it. I’m basically selling them minerals below the market price. Its a special deal for some old friends and it will make us some isk whilst we help someone else get started.

I could make a mint selling on the market, but I’d rather it helped someone else, as I’m not going to go short 😀 E.g I’m selling trite to someone about 1isk below market price… 20 mill trite will set you back 50 million isk.
As I put in one of my corp mails… you only get out of Eve what you put in.

I figure this project will tide me over until I can afford my new cpu which looks like it will be after xmas now. Especially as I have a possible job change coming up. One way or another!!! The killer is… I’m currently paid weekly (weakly really lol) but 1 of the companies I’ve been talking to is monthly… so I’d effectively have to work 7 weeks without any cashflow. Always a painfull start, as I’d have to make sure I could cover my gametime with plexes.

Training wise..
I’m still working on the gunnery skills… I figure even though I daren’t risk going into a fight I may as well max out my gun skills for when I can… so I’m doing all the extra gunnery skills for extra damage, less cap etc.
My Alt is still covering the leadership skills, although I’m seriously thinking about getting her up to mom level. Since she is my second account, I think I could bear her being stuck in a coffin more than my main. She shouldn’t be that far from learning Amarr carriers realistically since she already has marauders trained.
I am also currently using my wifes char whilst she is on a time out… so I’ve got her working on the core certificates. Once she hits expert on the core skills I may drop her onto tanking as I’ve noticed she’s seriously lacking in that department.

Don’t fly straight!


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