Once more into the breach dear friends

Away from Eve..

Well, it looks like I’ve fixed my rebooting problem. No, not a problem getting my pc to reboot… more the opposite… STOPPING it from rebooting. There was no fixed pattern.. 30 seconds, 5 minutes or 2 hours *self reboot*. Relog back into eve to sort the mining fleet out… BSOD *reboot* start mining again *reboot*. But after doing some research on the error code that keeps coming out on the blue screen (yeah I actually caught it one day) I was directed towards a possible memory conflict. About 2 months ago I bought a second memory chip, and it would appear my pc didn’t like it in *that* slot… next one along… fine. *face palm* They were supposed to be paired so it should have gone in the slot I put it in… oh well… at least it works šŸ˜€

I’m looking at changing job again in the very near future… hopefully more money for less hours so I may have the time and energy for Eve but I feel that may happon after xmas.

In Eve…
So I’m going to dive back into incursions since I only have my internet connection to worry about now, and that is usally fine if I reboot my hub before I start. I’ve been offered a better service which with any luck will be more stable (when I get my ass in gear and order it), it just means I need to take time off work for the connection to be completed.

So I bought 3 nightmare bpc’s last week, and put them into production… why 3? well I bought 1 with the intention of setting it up as an incursion ship and then looked at the costs. I worked out if I built 3 and sold 2 it would offset my out lay on my ship by around 300 mill. It was a lot to shell out, but if it recoups some isk then it will be worth it. Hence the reason I’ve been working on my gunnery skills (T2 pulse lasers FTW). I’ve also been chipping away at the other suplimental gunnery skills that boost damage, reducing cap usage and firing time e.t.c. so when I get T2 projectiles working I’ll be good to go!

I’ve been selling more minerals to some friends (100k nocxium last night) so I’ve been busy mining to replace what I’ve sold. Its not as good isk as doing inc’s but it all helps.

My main is still working on gunnery skills as I said above..
My alt is taking a break from leadership skills, and I’m working on getting her ready for a carrier. I figure its better to do the skills that unlock cap ships so that is all I have to learn should the need arises. Amarr carrier anyone? Yeah, I may look at building 1 for her soon…
I’m still running my wifes char atm so I have taken her back to covering the core certificates… getting them up to expert will help if *she* ever returns. After that job I’ll look at tanking skills since her gunnery skills were higher than mine… -WERE- lol

Don’t fly straight!


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