A new direction

Well my training has taken a slight diversion for 30 days… (30 days left of a 35 day skill 😀 )
I’ve decided to learn jump drive calibration V so I can get the most out of my capitol ships.
I’ve currently got 2 Thanatos, but the first (and only fitted than) is many jumps from where I need it. So I have a choice.. jump it the 4 or 5 jumps to get it to my exit sector or strip it, move the parts and sell the ship. So I am learning the skill to maximize my jump capability. I believe the jump freighters skill also help (someone explain that please) according to some of the jump planner sites I’ve used. I still have to look at moving some of my crap to reduce the amount of stations its in….once day I’ll get it down to single figures!!!

Crucible has arrived…

Thoughts? To me its just another tarted up version of Eve. Some of the new ships look nice, I even bought a BPO for the Caldari BC and put 2 into production last night 😀

I also started my Rorqual build, although thats going to take a while even with 2 chars producing the modules. I ran out of Zydrine somehow last night so I must have under estimated the requirements! I know I’m going to have to do some mining at some point as I am over producing the modules. Basically for capital ships I tend to buy bpc “packs”, which contain bpc’s for more modules than we need (being as close to perfect build skills as possible) and I tend to just complete the bpc; hence we have parts left over after every ship build. The hope is we will eventually have enough for a cap ship without building many components! We will have paid for it theoretically, but it will still feel like a free ship!

The one ship I still want to get (and I’m about 7 days away from) is a jump freighter so I may see if any of our parts could help to one of those. An excorp mate was really helpfull with his JF when we had to escape Vale and now I’m looking at going back into null it would be helpfull to have one of these as well as the 2 carriers I have on hand (plus a rorquel by then). I just hope the nullsec region isn’t too far from my favourite lowsec sector!

I’m avoiding doing incursions as I feel rough as hell. I’d rather get some mining done where I can dock up, or it wont hurt if I fall asleep!!

Don’t fly straight!!


2 Responses to “A new direction”

  1. The jump freighters skill only helps with jump freighters, not carriers. That skill reduces the amount of isotopes needed when jumping your jump freighter.

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