The Incursion train cometh!

I’m back on the incursion runs… infact I’ve lost a nightmare since I last posted…

My hard drive gave up the ghost and refused to reboot, and I had a choice to make… weither lose everything or just some of it. I of course chose the first and swapped my drives over so the auxillary drive became primary and I upgraded my pc to Vista 64bit and gaining access to the full potential of my hard drives and memory.

While I was installing Vista I used my laptop to run some incursions but during a site my lappy lagged a little and when it caught up I was redboxed and already taking shield damage. I posted and the logi’s dived on me but alas my nightmare went down faster than a hooker holding a £50 note lol. Some of the fleet donated towards my loss but I wasn’t perticularly bothered. I went off home and bought the bpc to build another one! Rigs were manufatured and modules were bought ready for recreation (insert evil laugh). I was advised to petition the loss, since the laptop used to run 3 accounts, but since crucible I can only run 1. Worth a try but I’m not holding my breath!

Whilst that went on I looked at getting a new research agent going, since I currently cover Amarrian ships, but I want to diversify onto the other races, even if its just unlocking the agents (level 3 is preferable). I found Creodron were a good Gallente research agent with mining missions available. So I grabbed a spare hulk and flew to do some work… the thought “it should only take 2 or 3 missions to unlock level 2” in my mind. 15 missions later and I still hadn’t got my standings up high enough to get onto level 2… gonna have to rethink this plan lol I dont really like doing distribution missions either… since you seem to get further and further from where you started! Last night I did a transport mission, and when I handed it in I got offered another and another… all the while getting further from my starting agent. I wonder how far it could take you if you just kept accepting missions… surely eventually you should start coming back… shouldn’t you??

Anyway… I got fed up with the pitifull level 1 mining missions (in a hulk you don’t even need to complete a full cycle) so I left the hulk in station and went off back to base to fit my nightmare. All rigs were either on stock or had finished production, so I fitted and flew off… back to the incursion area. I left my Alt and the borrowed account mining while I made the journey, and I must say… well done CCP for the new travel assistance. When you set your ship to warp to a gate you can tell your ship to jump mid warp, so as soon as it lands it jumps to the next sector. Its sort of a semi auto pilot that can make traveling a little easier and faster, especially if you are also running a mining fleet at the same time!

Typical of ccp… I have 2 days booked off from work and the drop an update on for the first day (Tuesday) and then announce it (but I didnt find out until afterwards (has been moved to Wednesday.. so I stayed away the first day for nothing… ggggrrrrrr. So now I am eagerly awaiting the system to come back online, whilst the contractors fit double glazing (you didn’t think I booked time off just to play eve did you? 😀  )


Don’t fly straight!


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