new family

Well, I wasn’t wanting to change corp, but I did. Yes I left my beloved corp and have temporerily joined an Incursion corp (Ground Zero). So far they seem like a good little group. Not decided on my future as I am supposed to be joining a nullsec corp after xmas, but we shall have to see!

Last week I had a bit of a fail hapon, and managed to lose a nightmare due to tiredness. I knew I shouldn’t have logged in really but felt I needed to make some isk towards my plex.

My mistake was having a cap xfer and when someone requested cap I targeted them to assist as another spawn happoned. I started locking up the targets and activated my guns, not realizing the rat I had clicked on had not been accepted by the client. A warning came up and I presumed the basilisk was a wt some just clicked past it. And then I realized… but it was too late; my cap was empty and my ship died. Oh well… I grabbed a shuttle after my loot was returned and headed to Jita for another nightmare bpc. I was manually jumping back to my base and as I landed on gate I saw a red ship on the overview. Some a-hole was using a smartbomb and my fragile shuttle died and I woke in my home sector. So with 2 bil lost I logged in anger.

So next year to avoid this…

No assist modules on a dps ship.. the top slots will be drone boost modules.

Take a bigger ship or covert ship (cloaked) to make the journey. Bigger to take the damage and cloaky so they can’t see you coming on overview!

Training wise… everything carries on as it was before..

Jump drive Calibration 5 is down to 5 days (yay..)

My alt is back on level 5ing the leadership skills (seige warfare specialist V in 4 days)

The wifes Char has just unlocked T2 cruise missiles so she could fly my navy issue Scorpion (I’m thinking more of a delivery pilot 😀 )

My next incursion ship is the rattlesnake I was using to run level 4’s (with a refit). I just need to refine the fit now, as theres a lot of ideas how to do it. I’m going BIG tank and good damage but a corp mate suggested minimum tank and maximum damage. I think since its my ship I’ll do it my way 😀

The Rorqual came out the oven today so now I just need to save up and fit the thing. On a plus side I dont need to rush into it… I can take my time and build up since I have 3 plexes to buy first… and I need to build up the isk a lot as my wallet has been a bit poorly recently!

I know christmas is pretty much over, but enjoy what is left and have a good new year!

Don’t fly straight!


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