Back to basics

Well, although I’ve not had much time for posting, I’ve certainly busy mining!

I’ve even found time to run some level 3 missions, although thats more to break up the boredom!

I’ve been building a revelation for a friend although I still need to put the parts into assembly to finish the ship.

I also started to build another orca, but now it looks like this ship will be going on the market as 3 orcas are a little excessive… lol

I’ve taken my training back onto getting all gun abilities to T2. I got Hybrids there a while ago, and have just finished lasers, so I am working on projectiles now so I can properly equip the minmatar ships I have the ability to fly. My next plan after that is getting amarr cruisers to 5 so I cn fly all T2 cruisers. After that… well I’ve not decided, but it may depend where I am living and what I’m doing.

With the brick squad going out to spoil incursions for everyone by shutting down the moms as soon as they appear, I’ve found my isk reserves dropping so I’ve looked at where I am actually going within eve. I’ve decided to accept an offer to return to nullsec, but there will be more to come once we have made the move, since there is a few capital jumps to make.

In the meantime I’m mining to build ships for sale. Either that or I’ll stick the minerals on the market for some quick isk. With 3 plexes required in the next 10 days I need to make some additional isk. I’m hesitant to sell any of my shiney ships as who knows when they might be required and I’ll only end up spending isk (at a possibly higher rate). I’ve been down that path before… selling ships on a whim only to regret it later!

It looks lie my wife may be returning to Eve, since she mainly left due to the boredom of only mining. I tried to get her into incursions and she enjoyed them, but actually getting her into fleets was a problem since she wouldn’t actually advertise!

So the planning goes on… I need to find out what ships/fits are required for my new family since requirements will have probably changed since I last spoke to them about joining!


Don’t fly straight!!


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