Out of the darkness

Sorry for the absense… I have been busy on nullsec operations recently, of which I don’t wish to comment on; although if you read Eve news 24 you may have seen some of the things I’ve been involved in (even if the report was written by an extremely biased (ex-csm member??)).


I’ve been busy building capital ships for isk replenishment. The alliance I am now in does offer ship replacement for alliance ops, but obviously other losses need to be covered somehow and my isk pot is starting to look slightly poorly. The fully fitted moros helped with that issue! Admitidly a lot of that purchase was covered from the sale of a self built moros some time ago, but prices inevitably rise and fall, and I sold during a slump. The replacement was bought through the new alliance so that helps balance the additianal cost in my head.

Anyway… I collected the minerals and built the components for an Archon which is awaiting assembly. I noticed a whole in the freighter market and started collecting towards that target, until I got diverted. A friend contacted me and asked if I could help him with a sales enquiry. He’d been asked for a Rorqual and decided it was out of his league… so that is my current project! I believe the components will start going in the oven in the next few days as I apear to be getting close to the targets I’ve worked out. Although the ship is being sold for less than market, I’m covering my costs comfortably so I’m happy! Its also going to be built in the sector of MY choice.

So Archon about to go in the oven, rorqual components will start over the next few days. After that I can look at building some ships to throw away in pvp! might even sell some of them to the alliancest need to look at what they cost me to make, and work it from there! Eventually my alts are planned to join me in nullsec, mining a better class of roid, so I may even be helping to build caps and supers for our alliance.

For the moment, I have gone back to using the dreaded T2 strip miners with the associated crystals… which those of you that know me… will remember I hate them! Its the pain in the ass fact you have to swap crystals when you change type of roid. When you are clearing a belt of, say, pyroxeres its not a problem, but me hitting one type of roid is a rarity! Oh well, for wide spread mining I’ll just have to drop back to the T1 strips.

Training wise… I’ve cleared some targets I wanted to get out the way… HIC’s, Amarr cruiser 5 (means I can fly any cruiser although 2 T3 cruisers would need the sub skills training, and I am about to move onto large T2 beams. I still havent completed T2 large projectile, but that will come soon enough.I’m still hedging round the jump freighters skill as I cant affort a JF without selling some big ships. The moros and Rorqual would just about cover it, but I’m not ready to part with them yet. Who knows,I may build a second rorqual to sell!

My alt is training up to build capitals herself, but that skill route is going to take another 6 days or so 😦


Don’t fly straight!


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