Once more into the breach

Well, after a 2 months in a nullsec alliance I have returned to highsec.
It wasn’t a (fail) fatal flaw in the alliance that I previously had problems with.. this was more of a personal reason. I felt I couldn’t properly serve the corp/alliance due to all the activity in RL I am dealing with. Although I am logged in a lot, a certain amount of that is AFK and more is doing tasks where I can step away from the keyboard without worrying too much that a large alliance is going to land on my ship whilst I’m distracted. Ok, the alliance wasn’t perfect… I could poke holes in some of the things they came up with, but that’s true with any corp.

I’m able to mine with the rest of my chars now, and I’m ramping up production of capital ships; mainly destined to go into the market so I don’t have time constraints!! I started collecting to build a charon (caldari freighter) but I had a friend inform me he had a sales inquiry for a Rorqual, and could I handle it for him….
With a slight adjustment to my targets I completed that ship around 2 weeks ahead of schedule… so I restarted the charon build. And then diverted to build an orca….. and back to the charon….. lol
That’s where I am at the moment… still mining and building for this charon build. Currently I’m looking at getting it in the oven this weekend – if something else doesn’t land in my lap!!!

Whilst I was away my training changed direction – slightly- as the alliance had certain demands on ship types. Although I could mostly fly all the ships there was a problem with fitting some of the T2 guns they were asking for. I almost got Large T2 projectiles… but not quite… lol I may revert back and finish off this target soon.
But for the moment I have reverted to making sure I can fly the orca better than before. My alt has perfect mining boosts so I’m not looking at taking that job off her, but it may be beneficial to the corp to have a second booster in the future.

This is just a short blog as it’s quite late in the day here but I just want to say..
Ballistix… you were a leader amongst men. you’ll be sorely missed. I’m thankful I had the chance to fly with you, if only briefly.

Don’t fly straight


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