Hulkageddon is upon us!

Once again… its that time of year again when the failed pvpers turn on the targets that, in Surfin’s PlunderBunny’s words “get something that shoots and start shooting at anything that mines or helps mine or helps haul ore away”

Whats next, the incursion runners?

Acording to another blog, the mittani wants to control all the ore and moon goo in Eve. Well if that happons I can see a LOT of accounts being cancelled. And no, this isn’t carebear tears…. its a fact. A lot of miners have multiple alts that help mine, and if you can’t mine…. theres no point in having the alts. I myslef will be shedding atleast 2 accounts, so I would have thought ccp should be paying attention! Also, if the pet goons have thier way, they will push the price of ships up, so no one will be able to afford to replace ships, and if you cant afford to lose what you’re flying… more accounts are going to cancel. It will make the summer of rage seem like a blip!

but what to do instead…, well.. some people plan on mining anyway. I’m considering running missions, running incursions or maybe messing around in lowsec. I may even play about with scanning and see what I can find!

Who knows what I may do…. I may even assist other miners by boosting thier tanks to an extent that they are gank proof… just to annoy the gankers :p

Don’t fly straight!


One Response to “Hulkageddon is upon us!”

  1. problem is, NOTHING is gank proof, the best you can hope for is gank difficult. Next time they will just bring moar thrashers and catalysts


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