Hiding from the enemy!


Well the enemy that us hulkageddon has landed hard, and appears to be achieving what they set out to do! 2873 kills to date and there is 3 weeks left! I’ve looked at some of the hulk fits and had to resist the urge to bang my head against the wall in despair. Come on Carebears… HTFU! Fit your ships properly and you may have 1/2 a chance of surviving (note… unless you are a macro miner – please ignore)

Well I’ve had to do a switch on my chars and hulkageddon is as good a time as any! I’ve had access to one of the chars I was using removed (damn wife… I’m no intention of using the account, but you cant either – even though I’ve paid for 90% of the time inclusive of when she was bothering… šŸ˜¦Ā Ā  )

Oh well, with mining operations being offline I’ve spent some time in lowsec playing with a pos setup (not sure if I’ll keep it going for long though). It’s costing me aroung 1/2 bill in fuel a month so I need to find some way to make it profitable. I’ve setup a moon mining arangement, and with the bit I need to buy to do reactions I may end up about level isk wise. If not it’s a nice little distraction that I can handle on my own! Its becoming harder to find worthwhile things to do that can create isk. Incursions are so over populated now getting a fleet, and a clear site is next to impossible! Missions are so tediuos unless you are running level 4s. I even thought about trying a level 3 in an AF just to make it interesting.

I did find time to move my cap ships closer to my new lowsec base… although I’ve not taken the final set of jumping them in! The dread will go straight into my hanger, but the rorqual will possibly either be left at the pos (piloted – you don’t screw me over twice ccp) or in a ship store (if it will fit…). My carrier was jumped in a few weeks ago, but I’ve left it docked up – for now. I might use it as a ratting support ship and just send drones to another player.


Has everyone claimed thier 9 year reward? I logged in today and put my order in. The collection time is open until early June and can be found here, which takes you to the accounts management page where you need to log in and choose from… 1 pack for each race of a couple of cruisers and skill books; set of implants,Ā T1 mining crytals (10x each), refining skills, and an artifact that may or may not actually do anything. Sooo once you’ve claimed your illgottenĀ price the order goes into the system and ccp will deliver it to you when they see fit (lol). I don’t know if there is a delivery date but if you dont apply for the stuff you’ll never know.

Training wise… I’ve pretty much reached a deadend on my 2 main chars… I’ve got a couple of things I want to look at, but nothing really new and exciting. My main is just topping up old skills, getting a few more level 5’s under my belt… while I train my alt to fly the rorqual – since she has excellent orca skills (perfect training) and 12mill leadership SP. Although my main has the skills for jumping maximum distances once the rorqual lands at the pos it will be handed to her.


Don’t fly straight!


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