Goonswarm fail

Well, the goons have finally shown thier true colours.

The mittani has shown hulkageddon is only about the goons controling the ore in Eve. So with that twit he has killed the concept of hulkageddon.

hulkageddon was all about the sport, of ganking (for want of a better term). It is no longer the pure concept it once was now it has been tarnished buy goonswarm greed. I can see people getting fed up with HG anyway as theres only so many times you can kill mining ships.

Miners will probably unsubscribe in bigger numbers that they already have over geddon.

So ccp will have to act to stop the systematic griefing of miners. Someone suggested uping ccp’s response time so as soon as they attack someone concord will react. If not minerals will be harder to get hold of…. its a fact when the miners stop work. So prices will rise and you can bet you’re bottom dollar (isk?) that the goons have a nice little backlog of ore to take up the slack. They have already announced they are trying to control the construction of T2 ships through the restriction of technetium. So it’s all about greed. As we all know, ccp say greed is good; but not at the expense of the miners who are the backbone of eve.

Don’t fly straight, especially when you’re in a wormhole 😀


3 Responses to “Goonswarm fail”

  1. So you change your fittings to be more resilient, and have defence flying with you during mining. Or you go down to null-sec and have mining ops there.

    Everything is working as intended and CCP will only meddle with things if the market does get out of hand. At the moment all that is happening is that mining is becoming more lucrative.

    • I Think miners have adapted to meet the threat (I have atleast). My mining fleet of alts has yet to meet a ganker though 😀
      Although kills are trickling in, theres no where near the numbers that were dying. I would say even the gankers are getting bored! It would have been better to keep this even a once a year event to keep interest.
      I considered sorting out a cash pot and copying the hulkageddon idea, except I’d be offering a reward for the killing of goonswarm (all corps within the alliance) ships. I’ll bet my life they have mining ships in nullsec, so they would be first target for people to go after!!!

      • In all honesty I don’t recall people ever mining in Goonswarm, ratting and plexing does occur as is expected.

        Plus tactics like in high-sec wouldn’t work, people would be warping off as soon as anything hostile enters the system.

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