Back down the mines!

Well, since I last posted I’ve had an unsettled eve attendance, in that RL stepped up and forced me to restrict my eve attendance. I’m used to getting on my own pc at some point everyday, even if its only to clear a belt but sat on my laptop on the sofa just doesnt feel as comfotable for the long periods that mining entails! So I have been struggling to finish off a charon build for a buddy, in the middle of which I managed to slot in an Orca build for someone else. Well the orca is on a contract awaiting the client to have the funds hit his account and the charon is in the oven for another 8 days (if I remember correctly). Next week I should be resuming my usual schedules now that my RL duties are (hopefully) returning to normal!

I’m told Hulkageddon has all but died out. As I predicted just after the goons announced a perma-geddon people will get bored of anything eventually.  Anyone that has lived in nullsec knows CTA’s are ok when they only come along every so often, but when a CTA is called when you log in, another when that finishes and then another… well everyone gets peeved at it eventually. We all know they are necessary but I think we all complain a little when they land… even if its only to ourselves., especially if we had other things in mind. PVP is fine in roaming fleets… there’s nothing worse than blindly following some idiot FC (Junior anyone?) into lowsec where you get lagged out and lose your ship. Yes, time dilation is in action now but I’ve still had lag this year when TD was in force. Jeeze CCP… make your mind up please…. TD or Lag… not both lol

I managed to drop a clanger last week in my distracted state. I requested some Blue Pring Copy packs for 1 charon and 2 orcas from a buddy. What felt like days later (next day actually) I decided to buy a charon and orca bpc pack as I hadn’t heard from him. I get back to my construction base to get a communication from him…. “packs are on contract”….. oh shhhhhite! I bought them anyway so now have my next 3 orders planned!!! removes some of the difficulty of deciding what to build I suppose!!


My main is currently learning BC 5 so I can either go onto command ships (it would unlock them all) or at least improve my bc damage outputs. I’m considering trying to get this char able to fly ANY sub-cap ship. Its going to be sods law I just about reach that goal and ccp will throw a spanner in the works!!

My alt is currently finishing the leadership skills. She has 40 days left and then I can do her remap and take some points away from charisma.

My latest alt has fully covered the hulk, so now the long slog to complete the core skills. I like all my pilots to have at least basic core skills, although elite is 98 days (with a remap). Once mining drones 5 completes I’m going to have to sit down and sort this out!!


Don’t fly straight!


One Response to “Back down the mines!”

  1. I know how you feel Maniac, I came back a month ago and have hardly been on at all due to RL issues, mainly work! 😦

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