Poking the bears

Its been a while, but wanted to get something out to you guys!

We’ve been having issues with the Sith Syndicate members recently that we felt was worthy of doing a little ganking over! Some of thier members have been acting “automated” and we believed them to be using either bot software or a macro program to control thier ships. We watched thier behavour for a while and decided enough was enough! We contacted CCP to report him and we asked a friend to contact his buddy (thier ceo) but it continued. So we boarded our gank ships and congrigated outside the station while we waited to make our move. We found the target in a belt and a catalyst sat next to him. Warp to me was ordered, but then my door went… Gahhhhh! Got back to my pc and “warp to me” was reordered… so we went; landing just as the target warped back to empty. So we stayed around where he had warped from as bots often return to the same spot. He returned to land between 3 cats and start to mine. We locked his ship and waited.. no response so we opened fire. His ship went down reasonably quickly… concord arrived as he died, but since they seemed to hit one ship at a time we finished the job, before our cheap ships died as well. We had a friendly local collect our loots and we docked up again. The target sat in the belt, until his software said his ship was full.

The following day we received abusive e-mails from thier ceo, swearing that his guy wasn’t botting. Yeah right…

They brought thier mining fleet into sector to “kill all the belts” as they put it. Well, mining along side them I managed quite well…. mind you 2 macks and 1 ret are never going to outmine 4 hulks with an orca supporting. They were returning to station to empty every load, where as I swapped 1 hulk to an orca to empty every 30 minutes or so…

Meh… if the worst comes to the worst I’ll go back to where I was mining a couple of weeks ago… or I’ll go join my buddies like I was going to, once I get this next freighter in the oven!!!

Don’t fly straight!!


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