The end of the belt….

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Well, since my last post I left my usual region and took a trip to Gallente space with some miner friends I made back in my home sector. Being under the threat of getting ganked forced the miners to pull togeather and share the names of any possible threats. New chars in local were investigated and any mining ship kills were reported to the group so people could make an informed decision over docking or not. So I took a field trip up to mine with them for 2 weeks, except for the fact they only actually turned up for 1 mining fleet… so I went home again. They are preping to fly out to null to join some scum sucking alliance who shall remain nameless. There was a suggestion I would like to join them until I found out who they were… I couldn’t betray my morals and lower myself to joining them…. I’m not sure they would want me anyway with my pvp history… 😆

I always intended on posting once things had settled down with the summer update.

All in all I believe the only people that will be hapy with the update are the noob miners, since the retreivers have been buffed to being just under the capabilities of a hulk. Hulks have been NERFED. Serioulsy ccp… WTF? Yes… great idea to put ore holds on hulks but to limit them regardless of what fittings is a pain in the ass. AND… they dont mine a lot faster than they did before, I can fill my orca about 8 minutes quicker with 3 hulks… which makes an increase in mining time of around 10 seconds a cycle per strip… Hell… keep your increase in speed and give me back my cargo bay that can actually mean I’m not flitting from screen to screen every 20 seconds… In the time it took me to write that passage 2 of my hulks had filled up and stopped mining…

One of my buddies informs me his retreiver can mine ice as fast as a mackinaw. I’ve not tried out the new ice rigs as I’ve only just bought the bpo but I’m hoping they distinguish the mackinaw from a ret otherwise something is seriously messed up.

Rant over!

I’ve stumbled about from project to project recently.. But one of my close friends has suggested I sold the minerals I mine instead of selling ships, and for a time I did. I also decided to collect enough minerals to build a rorqual. Not to actually build another, but since the rorqual has the biggest ore requirement of any ship (below supercap) I figured it was the best target. Any minerals left over after I hit my target have been sold; and yes… I’ve shifted a bit of isogen since I had virtually done that one before I started….

As I type this I am just finalizing the last of my targetted mining… just in time for the minerals market to collapse….Oh well…at least I am in a position to be able to complete any capital ship order that comes my way, although I am intending on not touching those minerals if I can help it.

My primary alt has finished ALL the leadership skills now, so I am training her up to fly a carrier… so I could have 2 chars in carriers in lowsec (or nullsec should that idea ever seem like a wise move…)

My main char drifts from one skill project to another,,,, theres so many directions I want him to go… cuurently its being able to fly the Charon, since I keep building them but none of my chars can fly one…. after that I think I’ll work on some of the tanking certificates since Elite tanking is the next step 😀

Don’t fly straight!


Back down the mines!

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Well, since I last posted I’ve had an unsettled eve attendance, in that RL stepped up and forced me to restrict my eve attendance. I’m used to getting on my own pc at some point everyday, even if its only to clear a belt but sat on my laptop on the sofa just doesnt feel as comfotable for the long periods that mining entails! So I have been struggling to finish off a charon build for a buddy, in the middle of which I managed to slot in an Orca build for someone else. Well the orca is on a contract awaiting the client to have the funds hit his account and the charon is in the oven for another 8 days (if I remember correctly). Next week I should be resuming my usual schedules now that my RL duties are (hopefully) returning to normal!

I’m told Hulkageddon has all but died out. As I predicted just after the goons announced a perma-geddon people will get bored of anything eventually.  Anyone that has lived in nullsec knows CTA’s are ok when they only come along every so often, but when a CTA is called when you log in, another when that finishes and then another… well everyone gets peeved at it eventually. We all know they are necessary but I think we all complain a little when they land… even if its only to ourselves., especially if we had other things in mind. PVP is fine in roaming fleets… there’s nothing worse than blindly following some idiot FC (Junior anyone?) into lowsec where you get lagged out and lose your ship. Yes, time dilation is in action now but I’ve still had lag this year when TD was in force. Jeeze CCP… make your mind up please…. TD or Lag… not both lol

I managed to drop a clanger last week in my distracted state. I requested some Blue Pring Copy packs for 1 charon and 2 orcas from a buddy. What felt like days later (next day actually) I decided to buy a charon and orca bpc pack as I hadn’t heard from him. I get back to my construction base to get a communication from him…. “packs are on contract”….. oh shhhhhite! I bought them anyway so now have my next 3 orders planned!!! removes some of the difficulty of deciding what to build I suppose!!


My main is currently learning BC 5 so I can either go onto command ships (it would unlock them all) or at least improve my bc damage outputs. I’m considering trying to get this char able to fly ANY sub-cap ship. Its going to be sods law I just about reach that goal and ccp will throw a spanner in the works!!

My alt is currently finishing the leadership skills. She has 40 days left and then I can do her remap and take some points away from charisma.

My latest alt has fully covered the hulk, so now the long slog to complete the core skills. I like all my pilots to have at least basic core skills, although elite is 98 days (with a remap). Once mining drones 5 completes I’m going to have to sit down and sort this out!!


Don’t fly straight!

The future of solo

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Well, whilst I’ve been mining my proverbial off I’ve made some new friends along the way. I know this was what ccp like, but this was a friendship out of necessity. We started off chatting about possible gankers within our pocket of space, and now theres talk of forming an alliance. Its only talk at this point as only 2 of the 4(?) corps knows one another, but I’ve stated I’m willing to get to know them along the way. They have just put up a pos in lowsec and scouting moons managed to land on mine (luckily they are blue). Apparently I anchored my pos out too far, so anyone that warps to 100km off risks bouncing off the shields! Not a planned action but, meh… no point having all that weaponary if you don’t have chance to use it lol!

The orders are coming in steadily… I built a thanatos in lul in orders but I’m not sure if I’m keeping or selling it! I started mining for another ship and got asked if I could handle a 2 orca order. Well it took me about a week but the ships are in the oven and the next order of a charon has just landed on me. I’ll be interested to see if I can do this one in a week (although I’ve quoted 2 weeks to get it in production). Cripes…. that may be the last for the time being as RL is about to force a time out in 2 weeks… I’m going to be confined to my laptop for a while so the fleet may have to take a break :s

My main rig lets me run 4 accounts, but with my lappy it isn’t feasable to run more than 2… Its one reason I’m not in a rush to start this alliance just yet. I’m hoping to be back to normal after 2 weeks, but thats if everything goes right.

Trainingwise I’m at a bit of a stalemate. My main alt is training capital ship navigation (jump drive operation finishes in a few days) so calibration will be next to maximize distance. Currently she can only fly my Rorqual within sector, but if she can jump it as well it will make travelling a hell of a lot easier as I can get another account to handle the cynoing and I can jump 2 ships instead of having to do a relay! Once the cashflow easies up a little I may get her on carriers (she is closer to jump freighters than my main but I have jump drive calib 5 trained). Carriers are really handy for moving lots of stuff over distances!

My main is doing mining drones 5 atm… something I’ve been trying to get onto for about 4 years….. After that… well if someone that knows me in gamne can remember what I said I was going to do… please remind me…. lol Otherwise I think I’ll work on my elite tanking certs 😀

Don’t fly straight!


Goonswarm fail

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Well, the goons have finally shown thier true colours.

The mittani has shown hulkageddon is only about the goons controling the ore in Eve. So with that twit he has killed the concept of hulkageddon.

hulkageddon was all about the sport, of ganking (for want of a better term). It is no longer the pure concept it once was now it has been tarnished buy goonswarm greed. I can see people getting fed up with HG anyway as theres only so many times you can kill mining ships.

Miners will probably unsubscribe in bigger numbers that they already have over geddon.

So ccp will have to act to stop the systematic griefing of miners. Someone suggested uping ccp’s response time so as soon as they attack someone concord will react. If not minerals will be harder to get hold of…. its a fact when the miners stop work. So prices will rise and you can bet you’re bottom dollar (isk?) that the goons have a nice little backlog of ore to take up the slack. They have already announced they are trying to control the construction of T2 ships through the restriction of technetium. So it’s all about greed. As we all know, ccp say greed is good; but not at the expense of the miners who are the backbone of eve.

Don’t fly straight, especially when you’re in a wormhole 😀

Hiding from the enemy!

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Well the enemy that us hulkageddon has landed hard, and appears to be achieving what they set out to do! 2873 kills to date and there is 3 weeks left! I’ve looked at some of the hulk fits and had to resist the urge to bang my head against the wall in despair. Come on Carebears… HTFU! Fit your ships properly and you may have 1/2 a chance of surviving (note… unless you are a macro miner – please ignore)

Well I’ve had to do a switch on my chars and hulkageddon is as good a time as any! I’ve had access to one of the chars I was using removed (damn wife… I’m no intention of using the account, but you cant either – even though I’ve paid for 90% of the time inclusive of when she was bothering… 😦   )

Oh well, with mining operations being offline I’ve spent some time in lowsec playing with a pos setup (not sure if I’ll keep it going for long though). It’s costing me aroung 1/2 bill in fuel a month so I need to find some way to make it profitable. I’ve setup a moon mining arangement, and with the bit I need to buy to do reactions I may end up about level isk wise. If not it’s a nice little distraction that I can handle on my own! Its becoming harder to find worthwhile things to do that can create isk. Incursions are so over populated now getting a fleet, and a clear site is next to impossible! Missions are so tediuos unless you are running level 4s. I even thought about trying a level 3 in an AF just to make it interesting.

I did find time to move my cap ships closer to my new lowsec base… although I’ve not taken the final set of jumping them in! The dread will go straight into my hanger, but the rorqual will possibly either be left at the pos (piloted – you don’t screw me over twice ccp) or in a ship store (if it will fit…). My carrier was jumped in a few weeks ago, but I’ve left it docked up – for now. I might use it as a ratting support ship and just send drones to another player.


Has everyone claimed thier 9 year reward? I logged in today and put my order in. The collection time is open until early June and can be found here, which takes you to the accounts management page where you need to log in and choose from… 1 pack for each race of a couple of cruisers and skill books; set of implants, T1 mining crytals (10x each), refining skills, and an artifact that may or may not actually do anything. Sooo once you’ve claimed your illgotten price the order goes into the system and ccp will deliver it to you when they see fit (lol). I don’t know if there is a delivery date but if you dont apply for the stuff you’ll never know.

Training wise… I’ve pretty much reached a deadend on my 2 main chars… I’ve got a couple of things I want to look at, but nothing really new and exciting. My main is just topping up old skills, getting a few more level 5’s under my belt… while I train my alt to fly the rorqual – since she has excellent orca skills (perfect training) and 12mill leadership SP. Although my main has the skills for jumping maximum distances once the rorqual lands at the pos it will be handed to her.


Don’t fly straight!

Hulkageddon is upon us!

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Once again… its that time of year again when the failed pvpers turn on the targets that, in Surfin’s PlunderBunny’s words “get something that shoots and start shooting at anything that mines or helps mine or helps haul ore away”

Whats next, the incursion runners?

Acording to another blog, the mittani wants to control all the ore and moon goo in Eve. Well if that happons I can see a LOT of accounts being cancelled. And no, this isn’t carebear tears…. its a fact. A lot of miners have multiple alts that help mine, and if you can’t mine…. theres no point in having the alts. I myslef will be shedding atleast 2 accounts, so I would have thought ccp should be paying attention! Also, if the pet goons have thier way, they will push the price of ships up, so no one will be able to afford to replace ships, and if you cant afford to lose what you’re flying… more accounts are going to cancel. It will make the summer of rage seem like a blip!

but what to do instead…, well.. some people plan on mining anyway. I’m considering running missions, running incursions or maybe messing around in lowsec. I may even play about with scanning and see what I can find!

Who knows what I may do…. I may even assist other miners by boosting thier tanks to an extent that they are gank proof… just to annoy the gankers :p

Don’t fly straight!

Once more into the breach

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Well, after a 2 months in a nullsec alliance I have returned to highsec.
It wasn’t a (fail) fatal flaw in the alliance that I previously had problems with.. this was more of a personal reason. I felt I couldn’t properly serve the corp/alliance due to all the activity in RL I am dealing with. Although I am logged in a lot, a certain amount of that is AFK and more is doing tasks where I can step away from the keyboard without worrying too much that a large alliance is going to land on my ship whilst I’m distracted. Ok, the alliance wasn’t perfect… I could poke holes in some of the things they came up with, but that’s true with any corp.

I’m able to mine with the rest of my chars now, and I’m ramping up production of capital ships; mainly destined to go into the market so I don’t have time constraints!! I started collecting to build a charon (caldari freighter) but I had a friend inform me he had a sales inquiry for a Rorqual, and could I handle it for him….
With a slight adjustment to my targets I completed that ship around 2 weeks ahead of schedule… so I restarted the charon build. And then diverted to build an orca….. and back to the charon….. lol
That’s where I am at the moment… still mining and building for this charon build. Currently I’m looking at getting it in the oven this weekend – if something else doesn’t land in my lap!!!

Whilst I was away my training changed direction – slightly- as the alliance had certain demands on ship types. Although I could mostly fly all the ships there was a problem with fitting some of the T2 guns they were asking for. I almost got Large T2 projectiles… but not quite… lol I may revert back and finish off this target soon.
But for the moment I have reverted to making sure I can fly the orca better than before. My alt has perfect mining boosts so I’m not looking at taking that job off her, but it may be beneficial to the corp to have a second booster in the future.

This is just a short blog as it’s quite late in the day here but I just want to say..
Ballistix… you were a leader amongst men. you’ll be sorely missed. I’m thankful I had the chance to fly with you, if only briefly.

Don’t fly straight