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Your vote counts!

Posted in Eve with tags , , , , , , , , on April 9, 2014 by maniac69uk

Or does it?

I’m back… well, sort of. In RL (it does exist apparently) I’m laid up due to ill health temporary I hope, so am not at my residance. I’m sat at my laptop, unable to run my mining fleet, but everything is pretty much set up to look after itself. I have a trusted friend sorting the 1 account that needs skilling up. “Theres no trust in Eve” well… there is in some cases. If I couln’t trust anyone I wouldn’t play… simple as that. He trusts me and I trust him… I am looking after several billion isks of his bpos while I researched them and copied them… and then they get assembled into freighter bpo packs and sold, before we split the profits.

Anywho… the reason I’m posting this…

CSM 8/9/10? I forget…

I never bother voting anymore… since it’s basically which alliance is going to get its chair on the CSM… so I don’t really see the point. I never bother with all the rhetoric… I’d rather just stick to doing what I’m doing. Hell, I could drop 7 votes in any direction I wished… but CBA…

So sorry CSM… but I have about as much faith in you as I do in all politics… f*** all

As  I see it, the CSM was just a CCP tool to appease the revolting player base… and it only partially worked… And before anyone says “The csm matters to the players”… well… look at the total number of accounts and compare that with how many people bother to vote… I wonder if it will actually hit 50%… And since the only people who get in are supported by the large alliances the general capsuleer doesn’t have anything to get behind.

I’ve tried suggesting ideas that a lot of people thought would be good, but because they didn’t benefit the alliances they were just shot down or ignored. CCP and the CSM are both apparently as corrupt as each other. CCP constantly bend their will to the alliances whim.. take the nullsec sites for a starter. We had sanctums and Havens in most nullsec sectors (sectors we worked hard to increase the military level on) then ccp decided the better sites would only drop on the better quality nullsec regions. It was to encourage the baby alliance to push back at the larger alliances… BULLSHIT. The larger alliances were pissed off that smaller alliances would dare to have sanctums and forced ccp to bend to their will.

Rant over…

My fleet has now reached 7 accounts… and we make quite a shock when we land 😀 Indeed… I had a fleet land on us and start to bounce my fleet around while I continued to mine… before the penny dropped and we realized we were all blue to the same alliance… lol kills the boredom!

My new miner is about 2 weeks from being able to fly a hulk… I took the step of another account because I knew my pc could handle the 7 accounts (its getting close) on minimum graphics. I might need to look at a new g-card soon, and thinking about getting a hybrid SSD drive, but bumping up my memory is looking like a no go… that might end up being a new build – eventually. I started a new job last year so I’m slowly getting myself finacially straight(er) but this is impacting on my eve availability (always the way!)… maybe one day I’ll find a better balance to the EVE/Work thing…

At one stage last year I was filling 2 freighter loads a night, but that has dropped down to 1 mostly, although I do often sneak in 2 at the weekends. I’ve also been encouraged/nagged to refit my fleet to T2 xtals and strips, for the increased capacity… and although I do see the benfits of them, I liked being able to hit what I wanted. Some of my alliance buddies have complained that ccp need to give some recognisability between the roids and xtals… at the moment theres no clear way to see which xtal is for what, without an indepth look… we need something doing to simplify the problem!

Does anyone think we should be allowed to run Rorquals in highsec…? Since thier use in lowsec and null is going to be negated by the leadership boost nerf perhaps they ought to be allowed in highsec? Otherwise I can see a class of ship pretty much dying a death…

Don’t fly straight, and I’ll try not to be a stranger…



Once more into the breach (again?)

Posted in Eve with tags , , , , , , , on November 18, 2012 by maniac69uk

It must be that time of year again… doesn’t it come round quick?

Yes… the “I’m bored… what can I do now?” time. A few of us carebears (including 1 that doesn’t think he is) have been mulling over nullsec alliance invites.. Once trader has joined the “gay russians” as we like to call them on every opportunity (usually after he has lost a ship due to lack of support). Anywho.. I’m weighing up all my options as I don’t want anything too small or too large… I’ve tried both…

In the meantime I’m prepping for the transition… I’m building a carrier for my alt (again since I sold the last one) amd planning on what to do with the pos. I’ll leave ship aquisition until I decide where I am going (and been acepted..) since most alliances have thier own ship requirements. I’m still mining atm.. I figure I’ll need a healthy bank balance for the move since pvp is a massive drain on the wallet! I’ll also park 2 chars whilst I’m away. If it looks like I can do some mining there I may bring them in; time will tell.

Training wise…

I’m currently topping up all my shield comp skills to level 5. My main alt is currently doing her armor comp skills to level 5. Although I normally fly armor ships it can’t hurt to improve my resistances on shields. The longer it takes to get through my shields the better!

Don’t fly straight!

P.S. If anyone is after a rorqual… I have one up for sale…

The future of solo

Posted in Eve with tags , , , , , , , on June 9, 2012 by maniac69uk

Well, whilst I’ve been mining my proverbial off I’ve made some new friends along the way. I know this was what ccp like, but this was a friendship out of necessity. We started off chatting about possible gankers within our pocket of space, and now theres talk of forming an alliance. Its only talk at this point as only 2 of the 4(?) corps knows one another, but I’ve stated I’m willing to get to know them along the way. They have just put up a pos in lowsec and scouting moons managed to land on mine (luckily they are blue). Apparently I anchored my pos out too far, so anyone that warps to 100km off risks bouncing off the shields! Not a planned action but, meh… no point having all that weaponary if you don’t have chance to use it lol!

The orders are coming in steadily… I built a thanatos in lul in orders but I’m not sure if I’m keeping or selling it! I started mining for another ship and got asked if I could handle a 2 orca order. Well it took me about a week but the ships are in the oven and the next order of a charon has just landed on me. I’ll be interested to see if I can do this one in a week (although I’ve quoted 2 weeks to get it in production). Cripes…. that may be the last for the time being as RL is about to force a time out in 2 weeks… I’m going to be confined to my laptop for a while so the fleet may have to take a break :s

My main rig lets me run 4 accounts, but with my lappy it isn’t feasable to run more than 2… Its one reason I’m not in a rush to start this alliance just yet. I’m hoping to be back to normal after 2 weeks, but thats if everything goes right.

Trainingwise I’m at a bit of a stalemate. My main alt is training capital ship navigation (jump drive operation finishes in a few days) so calibration will be next to maximize distance. Currently she can only fly my Rorqual within sector, but if she can jump it as well it will make travelling a hell of a lot easier as I can get another account to handle the cynoing and I can jump 2 ships instead of having to do a relay! Once the cashflow easies up a little I may get her on carriers (she is closer to jump freighters than my main but I have jump drive calib 5 trained). Carriers are really handy for moving lots of stuff over distances!

My main is doing mining drones 5 atm… something I’ve been trying to get onto for about 4 years….. After that… well if someone that knows me in gamne can remember what I said I was going to do… please remind me…. lol Otherwise I think I’ll work on my elite tanking certs 😀

Don’t fly straight!


Back to basics

Posted in Eve with tags , , , on January 29, 2012 by maniac69uk

Well, although I’ve not had much time for posting, I’ve certainly busy mining!

I’ve even found time to run some level 3 missions, although thats more to break up the boredom!

I’ve been building a revelation for a friend although I still need to put the parts into assembly to finish the ship.

I also started to build another orca, but now it looks like this ship will be going on the market as 3 orcas are a little excessive… lol

I’ve taken my training back onto getting all gun abilities to T2. I got Hybrids there a while ago, and have just finished lasers, so I am working on projectiles now so I can properly equip the minmatar ships I have the ability to fly. My next plan after that is getting amarr cruisers to 5 so I cn fly all T2 cruisers. After that… well I’ve not decided, but it may depend where I am living and what I’m doing.

With the brick squad going out to spoil incursions for everyone by shutting down the moms as soon as they appear, I’ve found my isk reserves dropping so I’ve looked at where I am actually going within eve. I’ve decided to accept an offer to return to nullsec, but there will be more to come once we have made the move, since there is a few capital jumps to make.

In the meantime I’m mining to build ships for sale. Either that or I’ll stick the minerals on the market for some quick isk. With 3 plexes required in the next 10 days I need to make some additional isk. I’m hesitant to sell any of my shiney ships as who knows when they might be required and I’ll only end up spending isk (at a possibly higher rate). I’ve been down that path before… selling ships on a whim only to regret it later!

It looks lie my wife may be returning to Eve, since she mainly left due to the boredom of only mining. I tried to get her into incursions and she enjoyed them, but actually getting her into fleets was a problem since she wouldn’t actually advertise!

So the planning goes on… I need to find out what ships/fits are required for my new family since requirements will have probably changed since I last spoke to them about joining!


Don’t fly straight!!

A matter of isk

Posted in Eve with tags , , , , , on November 12, 2011 by maniac69uk

Well, I’ve temporerily diversifyed into a new task. A couple of my ex-corpies have set up thier own industrial corp and are trying to recruit miners. Now, I know from experiance getting commited players is like finding rocking horse excriment. You’ll get loads that will join, take what they can and leave… some will play occasionally but not really commit to the corp properly and occasionally you will find someone who will want to put the effort in.

My corp currently has 1 commited member that will not mine… at all. But he runs incursions a lot which makes the corp isk… and I’m happy with the trade off. It means the corp is self sufficient even before we sell any ships… or anything else.

As I was saying, my friends new corp needs minerals to build ships to sell… so I’ve offered them a deal. If they don’t like the idea thats fine, but the other person I’ve offered the deal to has jumped at it. I’m basically selling them minerals below the market price. Its a special deal for some old friends and it will make us some isk whilst we help someone else get started.

I could make a mint selling on the market, but I’d rather it helped someone else, as I’m not going to go short 😀 E.g I’m selling trite to someone about 1isk below market price… 20 mill trite will set you back 50 million isk.
As I put in one of my corp mails… you only get out of Eve what you put in.

I figure this project will tide me over until I can afford my new cpu which looks like it will be after xmas now. Especially as I have a possible job change coming up. One way or another!!! The killer is… I’m currently paid weekly (weakly really lol) but 1 of the companies I’ve been talking to is monthly… so I’d effectively have to work 7 weeks without any cashflow. Always a painfull start, as I’d have to make sure I could cover my gametime with plexes.

Training wise..
I’m still working on the gunnery skills… I figure even though I daren’t risk going into a fight I may as well max out my gun skills for when I can… so I’m doing all the extra gunnery skills for extra damage, less cap etc.
My Alt is still covering the leadership skills, although I’m seriously thinking about getting her up to mom level. Since she is my second account, I think I could bear her being stuck in a coffin more than my main. She shouldn’t be that far from learning Amarr carriers realistically since she already has marauders trained.
I am also currently using my wifes char whilst she is on a time out… so I’ve got her working on the core certificates. Once she hits expert on the core skills I may drop her onto tanking as I’ve noticed she’s seriously lacking in that department.

Don’t fly straight!

A matter of life and health

Posted in Eve with tags , , , , , , , on September 16, 2011 by maniac69uk

There must be more skills I can learn to improve my Basilisk incursion fit. I’ve done shield transfer to V, energy emission to V and also have logistics V but still my cap is rubbish if I run everything. My ship caps out like a noob logi pilot and things start shutting down when only receiving 1 cap transfer. If I pulse the shields so I only have 3 online I’m just about solid. I wonder if improved rig skills would help? Maybe level 5ing would reduce some more drawbacks and improve other problem areas. I’m highly resistant to fitting booster implants to help with running a ship as if you are in the wrong clone you could be in serious danger! A T2 powergrid rig and a small implant may help free up a low slot so I can put in a cap improving mod. I can see another session on EveHQ may be in order tonight!

Well I finally unlocked the T2 minmater cruisers over the last couple of days. I’ve only got Amarr cruiser 5 to mean I can fly nearly any T2 cruiser.
The only cruiser I havent got round to unlocking is the Heavy Interdictor (HIC), but since I don’t currently have the need for that class, it seems a bit pointless even training for it. Besides, my second flys one very successfully!
I’ve contemplated unlocking all the frigs but I tend to shy away from there as I prefer to go in with the heavy weights!

Currently I’m learning medium lasers to V, before I work on large lasers 3,4+5 (IIRC) before I think about which way to go with specialization! My current plan is to get in a nightmare with T2 guns but since it is currently a pipe dream I’m still earning the isk to buy it (might get a bpc and build it). I could get a machariel but then I would need to do as much work on the projectiles as lasers, so its a catch 22 situation! The only difference in my mind is the fact I always wanted a nightmare so that is the deciding factor for me. I need to find another way of helping in incursion fleets other than just being an amazing logi pilot 😀

But I’ve still got 9 days left on medium laser V before I change my mind and go back to projectiles lol

My second is still training wing command V, so she has 24 days before I can get a few fleet command skills completed on her, before she goes back on the specialist gang skills. I’m still planning on maxing out he leadership skills so she will be an awesome command ship pilot for whatever happons in the future!

Don’t flt straight!

mundane tasks

Posted in Eve with tags , , , , , , , on September 6, 2011 by maniac69uk

Have you ever noticed how something you once enjoyed can quickly become boring if you end up “having” to do them.

Mining for an orca? Great idea at first (with 1 or 2 hulks)

running missions to increase your standings? Again… the standings slow down the higher you get

Running incursions to buy a plex? After 150 mill vanguards get tiresome!

Yeah, I need to buy another plex in about 5 days, but currently I’ve slipped well back on my isk making plan. I previously said I needed to make 60 mill a day to buy 2 plexes, but after the weekends activity (friday I hit 250 mill) and more so lack of activity i.e. less incursions I just havent been able to get back in action. Having only 1 highsec incursion puts an added strain on the fleets which is strangely an opposite effect.

With only 1 inc in high all the pilots travel to the available area and suddenly there are more pilots than available fleets which can mess up people trying to join fleets. Then you get the opposite problem of people getting fed up of NOT getting into a fleet and going off to do other things… either on or off Eve and you don’t get enough of the right ships to balance the fleets. One of the major problems I have encountered is not having enough basilisks to balance cap (although I did run in a fleet with a bs solving that).

So how do we resolve this problem? Well ccp could make sure there is more than 1 incursion available at any one time. Maybe when the mom dies another region could spawn an inc.

The other option woud be to make the incursions bigger. More affected sectors would result in more sites and more fleet room. People would also be close by when 1 fleet broke up and another formed, instead of having to travel 20 odd jumps. Hell Eden is huge, either plan would work.

The strange thing is, when an incursion spawned in my home sector when I was in the mining phase I got annoyed. I needed to mine so we went elsewhere. It still bugged me to be pushed out of my home, but now I want moar!!!!

Training wise… I am down to under a week to a scimitar (which would help with the cap problem since I am logi 5). After that… Well, I’m not 100% decided!
My alt is still doing the leadership skills, but in about 6 days will give maximum boosts to the mining fleet from her orca! After that she will be working on wing command 5 before starting fleet command. If I get the chance to have her as fleet booster in an incursion people will be getting a nice boost since all her specialist leadership skills are at 4 currently. I don’t know if wing 5 will change any bonuses, but its worth ticking off, as I don’t have a clue what else to get her learning! She can fly all T1 Amarr ships (sub cap) and 90% of the T2 ships as well, but with her being a “support” character getting all her leadership skills to 5 seems prudant for the time being.

Don’t fly straight!!