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Your vote counts!

Posted in Eve with tags , , , , , , , , on April 9, 2014 by maniac69uk

Or does it?

I’m back… well, sort of. In RL (it does exist apparently) I’m laid up due to ill health temporary I hope, so am not at my residance. I’m sat at my laptop, unable to run my mining fleet, but everything is pretty much set up to look after itself. I have a trusted friend sorting the 1 account that needs skilling up. “Theres no trust in Eve” well… there is in some cases. If I couln’t trust anyone I wouldn’t play… simple as that. He trusts me and I trust him… I am looking after several billion isks of his bpos while I researched them and copied them… and then they get assembled into freighter bpo packs and sold, before we split the profits.

Anywho… the reason I’m posting this…

CSM 8/9/10? I forget…

I never bother voting anymore… since it’s basically which alliance is going to get its chair on the CSM… so I don’t really see the point. I never bother with all the rhetoric… I’d rather just stick to doing what I’m doing. Hell, I could drop 7 votes in any direction I wished… but CBA…

So sorry CSM… but I have about as much faith in you as I do in all politics… f*** all

As  I see it, the CSM was just a CCP tool to appease the revolting player base… and it only partially worked… And before anyone says “The csm matters to the players”… well… look at the total number of accounts and compare that with how many people bother to vote… I wonder if it will actually hit 50%… And since the only people who get in are supported by the large alliances the general capsuleer doesn’t have anything to get behind.

I’ve tried suggesting ideas that a lot of people thought would be good, but because they didn’t benefit the alliances they were just shot down or ignored. CCP and the CSM are both apparently as corrupt as each other. CCP constantly bend their will to the alliances whim.. take the nullsec sites for a starter. We had sanctums and Havens in most nullsec sectors (sectors we worked hard to increase the military level on) then ccp decided the better sites would only drop on the better quality nullsec regions. It was to encourage the baby alliance to push back at the larger alliances… BULLSHIT. The larger alliances were pissed off that smaller alliances would dare to have sanctums and forced ccp to bend to their will.

Rant over…

My fleet has now reached 7 accounts… and we make quite a shock when we land 😀 Indeed… I had a fleet land on us and start to bounce my fleet around while I continued to mine… before the penny dropped and we realized we were all blue to the same alliance… lol kills the boredom!

My new miner is about 2 weeks from being able to fly a hulk… I took the step of another account because I knew my pc could handle the 7 accounts (its getting close) on minimum graphics. I might need to look at a new g-card soon, and thinking about getting a hybrid SSD drive, but bumping up my memory is looking like a no go… that might end up being a new build – eventually. I started a new job last year so I’m slowly getting myself finacially straight(er) but this is impacting on my eve availability (always the way!)… maybe one day I’ll find a better balance to the EVE/Work thing…

At one stage last year I was filling 2 freighter loads a night, but that has dropped down to 1 mostly, although I do often sneak in 2 at the weekends. I’ve also been encouraged/nagged to refit my fleet to T2 xtals and strips, for the increased capacity… and although I do see the benfits of them, I liked being able to hit what I wanted. Some of my alliance buddies have complained that ccp need to give some recognisability between the roids and xtals… at the moment theres no clear way to see which xtal is for what, without an indepth look… we need something doing to simplify the problem!

Does anyone think we should be allowed to run Rorquals in highsec…? Since thier use in lowsec and null is going to be negated by the leadership boost nerf perhaps they ought to be allowed in highsec? Otherwise I can see a class of ship pretty much dying a death…

Don’t fly straight, and I’ll try not to be a stranger…



Over the top!

Posted in Eve with tags , , , , on December 28, 2012 by maniac69uk

Well, after a LOT of umming and arring I’ve done what I said I wouldn’t do…. I’ve joined “the enemy”!!

When I was with the Northern Coalition we had lots of battles with the soviet bloc alliances, and it was they who reportedly hired PL. So that put the Red alliances in a bad light to me… even when MM decided not to fight (or even TRY to) for our home sectors in Vale. One of my friends in-game joined one of the Solar corps and I was very “unchristian” in some of my comments…. but the more I heard, and the more I thought about the fact MM abandoned us… I decided “sod it”. So far they have been a lot more friendly than the NC ever were…

Now… I’m a carebear at heart, as you all probably know… and being able to mine in nullsec with very little interference is very nice! You still have to watch local for neuts and reds, but more often than not its the rats you are watching out for!!! So the rest of my fleet will be joining “Treasures Collectors”, and we will be stripping the belts out here!!! There is PVP opportunities out here if you so wish, and I have some tasty ships here to play with as well, when I feel like a little “wet work”!

Training wise… well

I have diverted back to getting all the ore skills to at least level 4 so I can use the T2 xtals. Its surprising how much faster a hulk can mine with T2 strips and T2 xtals. I never bothered with the T2 setup in highsec as the roids were so much smaller… 2 cycles and the roid would pop! I got fed up with constantly swapping xtals.

My main alt is improving her scanning skills…. someone has to find the hidden grav belts, so it would be handy to have someone else to cover the job!

Alt 2 has dropped onto the xtal skills, although she is right at the start so it’ll be T1 for a long time. I’m even considering bringing my last alt in to help mine faster!!!

My wifes char is remaining in highsec, as a pos caretaker. She can also haul stuff to this corps pick up station ready to be shipped to me… since we occasionally have a wardec…!

No,seriously… WTF is the point of wardeccing a nullsec alliance…?? If you want to fight come and fight us… don’t sit in highsec and wait for the occasional ship to fly through…

What did we all think about the presents from CCP??? Anything….? A little Meh on the main… Mind you… what did I expect… really…..

Don’t fly straight!

Once more into the breach (again?)

Posted in Eve with tags , , , , , , , on November 18, 2012 by maniac69uk

It must be that time of year again… doesn’t it come round quick?

Yes… the “I’m bored… what can I do now?” time. A few of us carebears (including 1 that doesn’t think he is) have been mulling over nullsec alliance invites.. Once trader has joined the “gay russians” as we like to call them on every opportunity (usually after he has lost a ship due to lack of support). Anywho.. I’m weighing up all my options as I don’t want anything too small or too large… I’ve tried both…

In the meantime I’m prepping for the transition… I’m building a carrier for my alt (again since I sold the last one) amd planning on what to do with the pos. I’ll leave ship aquisition until I decide where I am going (and been acepted..) since most alliances have thier own ship requirements. I’m still mining atm.. I figure I’ll need a healthy bank balance for the move since pvp is a massive drain on the wallet! I’ll also park 2 chars whilst I’m away. If it looks like I can do some mining there I may bring them in; time will tell.

Training wise…

I’m currently topping up all my shield comp skills to level 5. My main alt is currently doing her armor comp skills to level 5. Although I normally fly armor ships it can’t hurt to improve my resistances on shields. The longer it takes to get through my shields the better!

Don’t fly straight!

P.S. If anyone is after a rorqual… I have one up for sale…

Once more into the breach

Posted in Eve with tags , , , , on April 11, 2012 by maniac69uk

Well, after a 2 months in a nullsec alliance I have returned to highsec.
It wasn’t a (fail) fatal flaw in the alliance that I previously had problems with.. this was more of a personal reason. I felt I couldn’t properly serve the corp/alliance due to all the activity in RL I am dealing with. Although I am logged in a lot, a certain amount of that is AFK and more is doing tasks where I can step away from the keyboard without worrying too much that a large alliance is going to land on my ship whilst I’m distracted. Ok, the alliance wasn’t perfect… I could poke holes in some of the things they came up with, but that’s true with any corp.

I’m able to mine with the rest of my chars now, and I’m ramping up production of capital ships; mainly destined to go into the market so I don’t have time constraints!! I started collecting to build a charon (caldari freighter) but I had a friend inform me he had a sales inquiry for a Rorqual, and could I handle it for him….
With a slight adjustment to my targets I completed that ship around 2 weeks ahead of schedule… so I restarted the charon build. And then diverted to build an orca….. and back to the charon….. lol
That’s where I am at the moment… still mining and building for this charon build. Currently I’m looking at getting it in the oven this weekend – if something else doesn’t land in my lap!!!

Whilst I was away my training changed direction – slightly- as the alliance had certain demands on ship types. Although I could mostly fly all the ships there was a problem with fitting some of the T2 guns they were asking for. I almost got Large T2 projectiles… but not quite… lol I may revert back and finish off this target soon.
But for the moment I have reverted to making sure I can fly the orca better than before. My alt has perfect mining boosts so I’m not looking at taking that job off her, but it may be beneficial to the corp to have a second booster in the future.

This is just a short blog as it’s quite late in the day here but I just want to say..
Ballistix… you were a leader amongst men. you’ll be sorely missed. I’m thankful I had the chance to fly with you, if only briefly.

Don’t fly straight

Back to basics

Posted in Eve with tags , , , on January 29, 2012 by maniac69uk

Well, although I’ve not had much time for posting, I’ve certainly busy mining!

I’ve even found time to run some level 3 missions, although thats more to break up the boredom!

I’ve been building a revelation for a friend although I still need to put the parts into assembly to finish the ship.

I also started to build another orca, but now it looks like this ship will be going on the market as 3 orcas are a little excessive… lol

I’ve taken my training back onto getting all gun abilities to T2. I got Hybrids there a while ago, and have just finished lasers, so I am working on projectiles now so I can properly equip the minmatar ships I have the ability to fly. My next plan after that is getting amarr cruisers to 5 so I cn fly all T2 cruisers. After that… well I’ve not decided, but it may depend where I am living and what I’m doing.

With the brick squad going out to spoil incursions for everyone by shutting down the moms as soon as they appear, I’ve found my isk reserves dropping so I’ve looked at where I am actually going within eve. I’ve decided to accept an offer to return to nullsec, but there will be more to come once we have made the move, since there is a few capital jumps to make.

In the meantime I’m mining to build ships for sale. Either that or I’ll stick the minerals on the market for some quick isk. With 3 plexes required in the next 10 days I need to make some additional isk. I’m hesitant to sell any of my shiney ships as who knows when they might be required and I’ll only end up spending isk (at a possibly higher rate). I’ve been down that path before… selling ships on a whim only to regret it later!

It looks lie my wife may be returning to Eve, since she mainly left due to the boredom of only mining. I tried to get her into incursions and she enjoyed them, but actually getting her into fleets was a problem since she wouldn’t actually advertise!

So the planning goes on… I need to find out what ships/fits are required for my new family since requirements will have probably changed since I last spoke to them about joining!


Don’t fly straight!!