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Mining my own business

Posted in Eve with tags , , , , , , on November 4, 2012 by maniac69uk

Well, this is the 2nd or 3rd time I have written this post… once I deleted it and once my browser had a dicky-fit and lost it… :S

I’ve been spending a bit of time mining recently, although I took some time out to run some missions to get some salvage together fir rig building. I like to build my own rigs as it reduces the cost of putting a new ship together.  Mission running I tend to cheat a little, and do level 3 missions in a marauder… I really ought to do level 4’s but I like to have some backup ships incase it all goes pear-shaped! But when I’m running a light fleet I just use a Kronos and a second account in a Noctis. Its easy, safe and quite boring…. hence why I don’t do it for long! I failed to acquire any Tritanium bars, so I need to remember where I used to mission where I had loads of them!

I’m currently sitting on enough highsec minerals (tritanium, Pyerite, Nocxium, Mexallon, Isogen) to build a rorqual, and to date I nearly have enough to build another! Just another 15 mill Pyerite needed and I may look at a new project. I started working towards doing 4 carriers (again) but decided it was too mammoth a task to hit in 1 go. But if I keep this collecting up its going to be feasable.

This would have to be after I rebuild the carrier for my alt…. Yeah I built 1 out of spares I had kicking around… and promptly sold it for above market value *lol*

Spare parts? Well, every time I complete a cap ship I complete the bpc’s from the pack so inevitably end up with extra components with every build.

I’ve not long ago completed a Rorqual for a buddy which I sold him under the market price. The alliance he was in broke up mid purchase, and although he paid for it I found out he was struggling to cover his plexes and he mentioned to me that the rorqual wasnt selling. I bought it back from him at the same price he paid, and now I have it up for sale. So although I may nearly have the minerals to build another. I’m not sure I would build one at the moment!

Skills-wise, I’ve hit a deadend with some of my chars. One alt is becoming an orca pilot (ability is there, just the leadership to get half decent). My main is doing some old skills (completed Armor reinforcement 5 on all flavours, but looking at shields next. 1st Alt is beefing up her capital ship skills. I’m back in charge of my Wifes account but I don’t have a clue which direction would be helpful for her to go in! I might look at her defensive skills, before looking at her PVP skills – just incase!

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new family

Posted in Eve with tags , , , , , , , , on December 26, 2011 by maniac69uk

Well, I wasn’t wanting to change corp, but I did. Yes I left my beloved corp and have temporerily joined an Incursion corp (Ground Zero). So far they seem like a good little group. Not decided on my future as I am supposed to be joining a nullsec corp after xmas, but we shall have to see!

Last week I had a bit of a fail hapon, and managed to lose a nightmare due to tiredness. I knew I shouldn’t have logged in really but felt I needed to make some isk towards my plex.

My mistake was having a cap xfer and when someone requested cap I targeted them to assist as another spawn happoned. I started locking up the targets and activated my guns, not realizing the rat I had clicked on had not been accepted by the client. A warning came up and I presumed the basilisk was a wt some just clicked past it. And then I realized… but it was too late; my cap was empty and my ship died. Oh well… I grabbed a shuttle after my loot was returned and headed to Jita for another nightmare bpc. I was manually jumping back to my base and as I landed on gate I saw a red ship on the overview. Some a-hole was using a smartbomb and my fragile shuttle died and I woke in my home sector. So with 2 bil lost I logged in anger.

So next year to avoid this…

No assist modules on a dps ship.. the top slots will be drone boost modules.

Take a bigger ship or covert ship (cloaked) to make the journey. Bigger to take the damage and cloaky so they can’t see you coming on overview!

Training wise… everything carries on as it was before..

Jump drive Calibration 5 is down to 5 days (yay..)

My alt is back on level 5ing the leadership skills (seige warfare specialist V in 4 days)

The wifes Char has just unlocked T2 cruise missiles so she could fly my navy issue Scorpion (I’m thinking more of a delivery pilot 😀 )

My next incursion ship is the rattlesnake I was using to run level 4’s (with a refit). I just need to refine the fit now, as theres a lot of ideas how to do it. I’m going BIG tank and good damage but a corp mate suggested minimum tank and maximum damage. I think since its my ship I’ll do it my way 😀

The Rorqual came out the oven today so now I just need to save up and fit the thing. On a plus side I dont need to rush into it… I can take my time and build up since I have 3 plexes to buy first… and I need to build up the isk a lot as my wallet has been a bit poorly recently!

I know christmas is pretty much over, but enjoy what is left and have a good new year!

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A matter of isk

Posted in Eve with tags , , , , , on November 12, 2011 by maniac69uk

Well, I’ve temporerily diversifyed into a new task. A couple of my ex-corpies have set up thier own industrial corp and are trying to recruit miners. Now, I know from experiance getting commited players is like finding rocking horse excriment. You’ll get loads that will join, take what they can and leave… some will play occasionally but not really commit to the corp properly and occasionally you will find someone who will want to put the effort in.

My corp currently has 1 commited member that will not mine… at all. But he runs incursions a lot which makes the corp isk… and I’m happy with the trade off. It means the corp is self sufficient even before we sell any ships… or anything else.

As I was saying, my friends new corp needs minerals to build ships to sell… so I’ve offered them a deal. If they don’t like the idea thats fine, but the other person I’ve offered the deal to has jumped at it. I’m basically selling them minerals below the market price. Its a special deal for some old friends and it will make us some isk whilst we help someone else get started.

I could make a mint selling on the market, but I’d rather it helped someone else, as I’m not going to go short 😀 E.g I’m selling trite to someone about 1isk below market price… 20 mill trite will set you back 50 million isk.
As I put in one of my corp mails… you only get out of Eve what you put in.

I figure this project will tide me over until I can afford my new cpu which looks like it will be after xmas now. Especially as I have a possible job change coming up. One way or another!!! The killer is… I’m currently paid weekly (weakly really lol) but 1 of the companies I’ve been talking to is monthly… so I’d effectively have to work 7 weeks without any cashflow. Always a painfull start, as I’d have to make sure I could cover my gametime with plexes.

Training wise..
I’m still working on the gunnery skills… I figure even though I daren’t risk going into a fight I may as well max out my gun skills for when I can… so I’m doing all the extra gunnery skills for extra damage, less cap etc.
My Alt is still covering the leadership skills, although I’m seriously thinking about getting her up to mom level. Since she is my second account, I think I could bear her being stuck in a coffin more than my main. She shouldn’t be that far from learning Amarr carriers realistically since she already has marauders trained.
I am also currently using my wifes char whilst she is on a time out… so I’ve got her working on the core certificates. Once she hits expert on the core skills I may drop her onto tanking as I’ve noticed she’s seriously lacking in that department.

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mundane tasks

Posted in Eve with tags , , , , , , , on September 6, 2011 by maniac69uk

Have you ever noticed how something you once enjoyed can quickly become boring if you end up “having” to do them.

Mining for an orca? Great idea at first (with 1 or 2 hulks)

running missions to increase your standings? Again… the standings slow down the higher you get

Running incursions to buy a plex? After 150 mill vanguards get tiresome!

Yeah, I need to buy another plex in about 5 days, but currently I’ve slipped well back on my isk making plan. I previously said I needed to make 60 mill a day to buy 2 plexes, but after the weekends activity (friday I hit 250 mill) and more so lack of activity i.e. less incursions I just havent been able to get back in action. Having only 1 highsec incursion puts an added strain on the fleets which is strangely an opposite effect.

With only 1 inc in high all the pilots travel to the available area and suddenly there are more pilots than available fleets which can mess up people trying to join fleets. Then you get the opposite problem of people getting fed up of NOT getting into a fleet and going off to do other things… either on or off Eve and you don’t get enough of the right ships to balance the fleets. One of the major problems I have encountered is not having enough basilisks to balance cap (although I did run in a fleet with a bs solving that).

So how do we resolve this problem? Well ccp could make sure there is more than 1 incursion available at any one time. Maybe when the mom dies another region could spawn an inc.

The other option woud be to make the incursions bigger. More affected sectors would result in more sites and more fleet room. People would also be close by when 1 fleet broke up and another formed, instead of having to travel 20 odd jumps. Hell Eden is huge, either plan would work.

The strange thing is, when an incursion spawned in my home sector when I was in the mining phase I got annoyed. I needed to mine so we went elsewhere. It still bugged me to be pushed out of my home, but now I want moar!!!!

Training wise… I am down to under a week to a scimitar (which would help with the cap problem since I am logi 5). After that… Well, I’m not 100% decided!
My alt is still doing the leadership skills, but in about 6 days will give maximum boosts to the mining fleet from her orca! After that she will be working on wing command 5 before starting fleet command. If I get the chance to have her as fleet booster in an incursion people will be getting a nice boost since all her specialist leadership skills are at 4 currently. I don’t know if wing 5 will change any bonuses, but its worth ticking off, as I don’t have a clue what else to get her learning! She can fly all T1 Amarr ships (sub cap) and 90% of the T2 ships as well, but with her being a “support” character getting all her leadership skills to 5 seems prudant for the time being.

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Usefull information

Posted in Eve with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on August 27, 2011 by maniac69uk

You know, I’ve lost count the amount of time someone has said “how do you do that?” or “you can’t do that”…

I had a friend say he was struggling to make a window lest transparent…serriously?
He even paid me isk when I told him how to lol

Last night I was running more incursions (yay 3.5 bill target smashed) and a fleet member was asked to pass on someone elses fit… to which he replied “I cant be arsed to save it and repost”. I suggested he just opened the fit and reposted in chat when about 3 people asked “How do you do that”/”can you do that”. Geeze I should start charging for this help 😀

So Yeah… just hit my primary baseline target for isk. Whats next? Well – more saving…
I am thinking about dumping a load of isk into my alts wallet for safe keeping and saving for another logi as backup incase I loose my current isk maker. Then my plan is to save up more isk for a warfund. We have as the corp shed loads of minerals at the moment. Probably enough to make a couple of dreads… and thats ontop of the rorqual minerals which are safely in a can in my hanger!
The Rorqual minerals are in my hanger so they don’t get confused with any other projects that are on-going or planned. I’ve found in the past its easy to mix up job stock, and you end up with 1 project that suddenly has a short fall of mins.

We need to start building that orca as well – we got the bpc’s a while back, but with everything else that was going on we never actually started it! I might get my co-ceo to start this project over the next few days. I would do it, but I’m away in Gallente space atm, dealing with some Sansha scum…
I would be tempted to get myself an orca, but you can’t fit a bs on board 😦
I could do with a ship to carry 2 logis (1 basi and 1 scim) and 1 faction bs (rattlesnake or nightmare). Other than getting my alt to move them (orca or courier contract) theres no easy way of moving the 3 ships. I could effectivly fly the bs myself and use my second char to orca the logis, but I can’t always use my fleet booster account since I allow my wife to use it as a mining assist pilot. She started a new account and just about got her into a hulk, before she decided it was too expensive.
Maybe if I can do these incursions more regularly I could pay for the plexes to cover thier accounts, since they are mining (and orcaing) for the corp. As long as I can afford to buy 1 GTC a month I’m sure I can afford to spend 800 mill on plexes. Nothing else for it.. I’ll just have to make sure I make at least 60 mill a day in eve to buy 4 plexes!

Just a pity this job doesn’t pay a little better! Maybe once I’ve got my feet under the desk properly I’ll be in the postition to request a pay review and then I’ll be able to afford to buy 2 gtc’s (4 plexes) a month!

On a training front, I’m currently learning Minmatar cruiser 5 so I can fly a scim since that are more cap stable than the basi. I’m getting fed up with being in fleets where we can’t do anything because we haven’t got at least 2 basis. We ran fleets on 2 basi and 1 scim last night and quite succesfully. There were some hairy moments where we had 6 targets being attacked and the damage wasn’t really going down, but luckily the incursion battle ended so we could catch up. I may need to start taking charge or the logi’s since I have quite a lot of experiance in the field. The danger is if the logi’s are not sharing out the repairs properly you could end up with people dieing and thats not good! Logistically my repair list is logi first, faction bs next and then everyone else! The problem for logis is they can’t repair themselves so they have to rely on the other logis and with no co-ordination things can go wrong!

I decided to start my second on warfare link specialist V since I didn’t have a clue what to do with her! The skill increases (IIRC) the link effectiveness so its all good!!

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